Monday, 2 September 2013

Bible in a year...

Two years ago a number of the young people here in Hilton, decided to try and read through the whole Bible in one year.  Some of us managed, some got bogged down in parts of Leviticus and Numbers and bailed out part way through.  But it was an amazing experience and, whether we made it all the through or only managed to stick with it for a few months, we all discovered parts of God's word that we hadn't really focussed in on before. 
The other thing we did was blog everyday on each of the passages so as to create a kind of youth friendly, easy to access commentary on the entire Bible. 
Well, this year I'm planning on doing the whole thing again and I want to invite anyone who wants to join me to do so.  Some young people are coming along for the journey too.
I'm going to repost all the blogs from last time round, editing them where I think they need it.
It started yesterday so, if you want to try this, you've got one day of catching up to do.
Until the Youth Project website is revamped I'm posting my blogs on Facebook, so you can find them by clicking here.

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