Sunday, 29 April 2012

messy church

Our first Messy Church took place this afternoon from 4-6pm. We really didn't know what to expect, but the reality was certainly very encouraging. Elna who was administering the event counted over 100 into the building, with the vast majority of children and adults not being part of the congregation.. It was great to have so many folk from the Hilton Church and Inverness Community Church willing to help with running the event. We could probably do with even more for the next one on 24th June. There is always plenty to learn on the first day. Cooking a meal from scratch for up to 100 people in 2 hours is a major logistical achievement. Simon Varwell gets a gold star for leading the catering team so well. Highlights of the afternoon for me were seeing so many folk sharing food together in the large hall and watching all the children playing in the Lighthouse garden. A great start to Messy Church, and plenty to build on for the next one.

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Unknown said...

This is excellent news - so gald it went well. Congratulations to all concerned and every blessing as you go on getting messier next month.